In this wordless time-travel adventure, three children at a Passover seder visit ancient Egypt to help baby Moses find his way safely to Pharaoh’s daughter.

When a family settles at the table for Passover, their dog nabs the afikomen bag (containing matzah used for the seder) and dives under the tablecloth. The children follow him and find themselves transported to ancient Egypt. There, they see baby Moses’ mother and sister Miriam placing him in a reed basket. The baby’s journey down the Nile is hazardous — he encounters several obstacles along the way, including a wily crocodile. Thanks to the three children, he reaches his destination unharmed, with a piece of afikomen tucked into his basket. The children return to the seder table and, exhausted, fall asleep. But what are their parents to make of the grains of sand in the afikomen bag?

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"This wordless Passover time travel adventure is beautifully illustrated in ink and watercolor. … Eshet vividly depicts both ancient and contemporary settings and practices. … There are many children’s Passover stories to choose from, but Afikomen should be a number one pick."

-Canadian Review of Materials, five-starred review

"Inventive...a generally lighthearted tale, but one that nods at the more serious history behind the holiday and at the concept of reliving the Jewish enslavement on Passover."

-Horn Book, starred review

"A delightful, wordless time travel adventure."

-The Best New Books for Young Readers

"Passover magic."

-Kirkus Reviews

“Children familiar with the story of Passover … will delight in ­decoding the ­pictures, looking for hidden clues, and ­retelling the tale.”

-School Library Journal

“Even readers unfamiliar with the tale will find themselves drawn in by Eshet’s lyrical ink and watercolor drawings.”

- Publishers Weekly